For foreign customers
Hello! Welcome to Kyoto.
We offer our services to ensure your everyday fitness even during your travels.
We have a very small but well equipped 24 hour gym with athletic, free weights, running and strength training machines.
You can also participate in studio classes that offer yoga and lesmills.

We offer one time use services for travelers.
Please see the price list below and apply yourself on the web or send us an email.
Please note that studio lesson participation is available by e-mail.

We look forward to working out with you!

1 day pass(24h limit form first enter)
3,300yen from the 24hour later it will be half price
1 week pass 7,480yen
2 week pass 11,000yen

You can register from the link below.

Choose a Membership
please choice bottom blue box.
We recommend that you set your browser's language setting to yours.
Please register one person at a time.

Once registered, please download the application.
Log in to the application and tap the Bluetooth button the middle.
The door will open.

After the second day, you will be reimbursed at half price when you enter the gym with the Bluetooth button as well.
Once registered, you only need to check in on the second and subsequent days to use the gym.

If you have any questions, please ask.
Best regards.

Studio Class
30min class 1540yen
45min class 1760yen
60min class 1980yen

Please contact us.